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Lost Ark Engraving Calculator Tool is the top website to measure all your weapons and weak points with help of a spreadsheet. This tool consists of 5×3, Engravings slot1-2, Ability stone, Necklace, Rings, and more.

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Ability Stone

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Engraving Results:

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  1. Must Select Atleast 1 Value engraving to Run this;
  2. Press “Calculate”;
  3. Reset Engraving points and selections with “Reset Button”

A passive skill that can buff your character is called engravings. These engravings make the game fun but a bit more complex because of the jargon coming your way. But once you cut through the fancy Arkesian language, you will find the system simple and extremely powerful. Lost Ark Engraving Calculator is helping gamers to measure all their powers and weaknesses.

Lost Ark Engraving Calculator for video gaming

What Are The Engravings In A Lost Arc?

Engravings are considered endgame power sources for all your lost ark characters. Two class-specific engravings are provided to each class, with 43 combat engravings that any class can use. You can collect your engravings and share them across the whole roster in a lost arc. 

Yes, this system looks a bit complicated, but once you know all basics of engravings, it becomes simple to understand and plan.

While talking about extreme Combat, action, and MMO role-playing games, Lost Art stands out from the other games. It was released back in 2019 but gained a lot of appreciation from the players. The reasons are its engaging gameplay, engravings, and other features. If we talk about the players, the game has millions of active and regular players.

Many people are confused about the Engraving calculator. It’s a simple but effective tool that helps you check the effectiveness of your gear. In simple words, this calculator makes sure that your selected fighting tools are perfectly fitted or not. It’s conducive for beginner players, but professionals also like to use it. Stay with us if you want to know more about engraving calculators and everything necessary about it. Let’s get deeper into the details.

What is the Lost Ark Engraving Calculator?

The developers of Lost Ark have added several effects, and Engraving is a distinctive type of effect. In particular, a player can get several bonuses by this effect, such as cooldown reduction, better defense, increased damage, and other utilities.

Further, they are classified into two categories, i.e., Class and Combat Engravings. While playing any class in Lost Ark, Combat engraving is open for everyone. On the other hand, class engravings are only used by specific classes or defined classes. Sometimes, the player will feel reduced power. That actually happens due to negative engravings.

How does Engraving work?

The developers have assigned a particular point or node system and engraving work with this system. Whenever you want to trigger any effect by engravings, completing the specific nodes is compulsory. These nodes are level-based such as level 1 has 5 nodes, level 2 has 10 nodes, and level 3 has 15 nodes.

More or less nodes against the defined limits will not grant anything to the players. For example, you will not get any additional things if you have 16 or 17 nodes. You are only eligible for a bonus in return for 15 nodes.

Two Types Of Engravings:

These engravings are divided into two different categories. Here are two types of engravings:


Unique class engravings:

This type of engraving is class-specific and heavily affects the play style. 


Combat engravings:

All characters can easily use combat engravings. Moreover, this type of engraving provides various effects which can be later used to empower your character. One plus point about combat engraving is that any class can equip it. 

Lost Ark Engraving Calculator

About Lost Ark Engraving Calculator

Engraving Calculator – Lost Ark is a very helpful and intelligent tool. It assists everyone in knowing the fruitful effect of their chosen gear, accessories, and tools. There are several types of calculators available online, but the primary aim is the same, i.e., calculating the effectiveness of the gear. The developers are working day-by-day to update and provide easier ways to check the effectiveness of the gear to the players.

Let’s talk about the most common type of Engraving calculator. It contains a few sections named Earring 1, Earring 2, Ring 1, Ring 2, Necklace, Ability Stone, Engraving Slot 1, and Engraving Slot 2. These are the steps to calculate the overall effectiveness of the cog.

Using this calculator is pretty simple, and we have mentioned the primary steps to go through this excellent tool:

  • First, you need to select your desired accessories or equipment. Assign the points in the engraving slots where mentioning grade is compulsory.
  • After that, click on the “Calculate” button, and you are good to go.
  • Check the effectiveness or the result of the tools. If you like the result, you can go with it.
  • Otherwise, press the Reset button and repeat the process.
  • Enjoy! If you get your desired equipment and the effectiveness of the gear.

So, you can easily calculate the engravings. It saves your data and can be used on any browser, whether desktop or mobile.

How To Get Max Output From Lost Ark Engraving Calculator?

Recall that online websites have various engraving calculators but using them effectively is the primary concern. Before using any of them, you must know about the auto chart. Basically, an auto chart is output after calculating the effect of your selected equipment. Most tools also have a red bar that depicts the maximum engravings.

While using the tool, you must use each option wisely. They are usually given in the left corner. Changing the number in the chart is all about assigning the gear while using the calculator. Check out the following procedure to get desired and maximum output.

  • Engraving Book: Recall that there are different types of engravings and books (You can choose as you like). First, you should set up 4-by-3 to get the plus 9 engraving on the list. The reason is that the new players can’t afford the 12. Therefore, start putting 9 in the engraving book first.
  • Ability Stone: There are two types of ability stones that you can acquire. It’s better to go for a highly expensive stone if you like to play at an upper level. The names of super expensive stones are adrenaline and grudge. Likewise, you can also choose the super cheap stone, i.e., ambush master and cursed doll. When you get one from both, you can reach the number 15.
  • Jewelry: when you want to go for a necklace, jewelry is the starting point. If you get earrings, you limit the chances to get a necklace because it’s expensive. Check all the pieces of the necklace to get it at the least price. It’s better to start with research presets, whether you want to get it in a month or a week. Keep in mind that you will not get the cheap price at once; you have to visit it again and again to get the cheapest prices.
  • Combat Statistics: Combat stats depend on your selected class. If you go for blade class, you get better stats because of several reasons. It’s also called an affordable way because you have to spend at least Lost Ark gold to buy even the most expensive jewelry. Visit and get a minimum of three nodes for a specific amount of gold. Yes, it’s a way to get more gold to buy further equipment in the game. Finally, buy the grudge and surge to maximize the output.

In the end, the tool will give you the overall output of the engraving. In our experience, this calculator helps everyone, and each player should get assistance from it before getting started. In the end, it’s up to you which tool you want to use to get precise and accurate results.

Equippable Engravings

You should learn the engraving recipe before using the calculator at its peak. There are two slots for almost all the equippable engravings. The algorithm allows you to equip the same gear twice. You can trade the engravings before it becomes bound to the characters. Each recipe is based on a specific formula, i.e., Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

  • The uncommon in the recipe unlocks and offers the 3 nodes to the players.
  • Likewise, the Rare recipe gives 6 nodes to get equipped.
  • Epic recipe provides 9 nodes for Lost Ark equipment.
  • Last but not least, the Legendary recipe gives 12 nodes out of all for the engraving to be equipped.

Ability Stone

Ability stones offer three distinct types of engravings, one random negative engraving and two random combat engravings. The node level starts from 6 and at 10 nodes. 8 nodes are in between the total nodes to get engravings.


Three Different Ways To Unlock Nodes On Engravings: 

There are different ways used to access nodes on engravings; it’s essential to understand each of them and can take advantage easily. Here take a look at all three engravings. 

Engraving recipes 

Recipes of various specific engravings are provided, which you can read to level up and unlock different things. If you are searching for a way to enter the engravings menu, then there is how many and which recipe you have read to level up. To access the nodes, you can find your unlocked engravings in the gear menu, and your characters can equip these engravings. Each of your characters can equip only two engravings; furthermore, if you want to access double nodes, you can equip the same engravings twice. 


Some accessories can be used to access a variety of engraving nodes. Make sure you’re paying complete attention to the game. During the endgame, you will hang on to the accessory that you think will be useful. 

Ability stones 

Throughout the world of Arkesia, you can easily find ability stones. And these items can be used to access a variety of engraving nodes. However, facing them before you equip them for any effect would be best. 


How does it work?

So after learning all about engravings, their type, and how to unlock them, here comes a question how to use them? Don’t worry; it’s straightforward. Let me tell you how. 

In the game, your character will get multiple slots that you can use to increase your engraving notes. If you want the first two engraving notes, go and get them from the gear menu. And if you wish to double access notes, equip the nodes twice on the same character. 

How to use an engraving calculator?

You have done collecting different engravings. Are you ready to calculate them? Let’s learn how to use the engraving calculator. 

On the top right corner, you will see a file, copy it, and if you want, change the number in the chart. How do I use the engraving calculator? Let’s understand by taking an example of 4X3 setups. You can also get 3X3 engravings or 5X3 engravings if you want to. 

  • Engraving Book:

Every player has different engravings and different classes. So first, you must get plus 9 on your engraving as it is necessary for the 4X3 setup. Yes, there is a plus 12, but it’s too expensive. You didn’t need it for a 4X3 setup. Yes, if you plan for a 5X3 setup, plus 12 will be very efficient. So you will put plus 9 if you have a grudge or anything. Then again, put plus 9 on the class engravings. By doing this now, you will have plus 9 and 9 on the red bar. 

  • Ability Stones:

Coming towards the stones there are two different types of stones. The super expensive one can be grudge or adrenaline. The other stone is cheap, including the cursed doll and ambush master. Let’s assume we have a grudge and ambush master on six and six. And later, we get engraving max out at plus 15. 

  • Jewelry:

Coming up to jewelry, most of the time, the player only wants a necklace, and it gets constrained as to what necklace you will get, which makes it more expensive. You can get both earrings and both rings quickly. All you have to do is check the price of all three varieties and always buy the cheapest one.

For all your pieces, remember to set up search presets. Remember, you can buy some of the pieces at a time as you can buy them in weeks or even months. So keep snipping and searching for the lowest price to purchase the jewelry. 

For example, you get a necklace with plus 3, which has adverse effects like reducing speed. Now you have to add a separate column on the chart, attack the speed minus, and then put plus 3 on the side. This will automatically add three nodes on the cursed doll and surge. 

  • Combat stats:

Combat stats depends on your class. For example, if a player gets a blade that can max out your specification, all your pieces will have specs. So in case you only have a little gold, you can easily buy a crit piece. Spec is said to be one of the most expensive jewelry pieces, so if you have a crit piece, it will automatically save a lot of lost arc gold.

You will have spec, crit, and swiftness if we see from the most expensive to the cheapest. If you want three nodes on surge and ambush master, go and get the earnings. Specifically, if you are from spec class and want to earn a good amount of gold, crit earning will be best for you. 

Lost Ark Engraving Planner tool website sheet

Lost Ark Engraving Planner Website

Want the best Lost Ark Engraving Planner with a spreadsheet? Here is the tool for you to help you achieve your goal. Optimize your Lost Ark character’s Engravings with our Engraving Planner. Our online tool helps players experiment with different Engraving combinations and see their character’s stats and bonuses in real time. Make informed decisions … Read more


Where to get class engravings Lost Ask?

Class engravings in Lost Ark can only be obtained through completing specific quests that are related to your character’s class. These quests are often referred to as “Class Advancement Quests” or “Class Mastery Quests.” To obtain class engravings in Lost Ark, you will need to complete these quests, which are different for each class. Typically, … Read more


How to get 5×3 engravings in Lost Ark?

It’s pretty easy to acquire 5×3 engravings in the Lost Ark game. You have to get legendary dual engravings, i.e., one class and one combat. It’s better to use the legendary ring and examine the high-quality neck. Finally, you will get the popular 5×3 engravings.

What is the fastest method to get engravings in Lost Ark?

It’s better to get the engravings in Lost Ark using accessories, for example, equipment like rings, slots, necklaces, and so on. You can use either class engravings or battle engravings. Equip any of the two rings and enjoy the game.

What engravings should you go for Lost Ark?

You can choose any of the best engravings in Lost Ark. There are six most famous engravings, i.e., Awakening, Spirit Absorption, Super Charge, Ambush Master, Broken Bone, Cursed Doll, and Grudge. Choose according to your needs and requirements.

Do the engravings of the Lost Ark have limits?

Yes, they are limited in terms of levels. Most particularly, they have three levels defined by your earning points. You can unlock things according to the points. For example, you must have 15 points in three distinctive levels to unlock engravings.

How do you get 4 Level 3 engravings in Lost Ark?

Acquire Level 3 Engraving Tools: These tools can be purchased from the Engraver NPC in the main city or obtained through certain in-game events.

Gather Materials: To engrave your equipment with Level 3 engravings, you will need specific materials that can be acquired through various activities such as farming, boss hunting, and completing quests.

Go to an Engraver NPC: Once you have the required materials and Level 3 Engraving Tools, you can visit an Engraver NPC to apply the engravings to your equipment.

Repeat the process: Keep in mind that the chance of getting a Level 3 engraving is low, so you may need to repeat the process multiple times to get 4 level 3 engravings.

Keep in mind that you can also get level 3 engravings from other players or on the marketplaces, but it will cost you a lot of in-game currency.

Can you only use 2 engravings Lost Ark?

Yes, in Lost Ark, you can only use two engravings on a single piece of equipment at a time. Each piece of equipment has two slots for engravings and you can select which engravings to apply to that equipment. Each engraving provides a specific bonus, such as increased stats or special abilities, and you can choose the engravings that best suit your playstyle or the needs of your build.

What engravings sell best Lost Ark?

The best-selling engravings in Lost Ark will vary depending on the current meta, player’s preferences, and the type of content they are focusing on.

Ref: https://loaengravingcalc.com.br/

REF 2: https://www.engravingcalculator.com/


Through engravings, you can get the flexibility to play your class as you want to. This article will be helpful for you in calculating your engravings. Reading and learning the method seems complicated, but you will later become a pro once you know how to do it.