Lost Ark Skill Calculator

We constantly observe ways to provide comprehensive information on Lost Ark for our community. We have developed a tool, Lost Ark Skill Calculator, to obtain skills ideas in this western version of ‘Lost-ark.’ 

Here you can test all the DPS; damages per second during combat. It represents the increased damage rate and other tripods and showcases the appreciated content.

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Calculate the Sources of Skills Scores

Tower > +12 Skills Scores

  • Shadespire – 50th Floor lvl 540
  • Fatespire – 50th Floor lvl 1040
  • Fatespire – 20th Floor lvl 920
  • Shadespire – 20th Floor lvl 420

Adventure Book Completion > +18 Skills Score

  • 70% East Luterra Adventure on Tome Rank Completion
  • 60% North Vern Adventure on Tome Rank Completion
  • 70% Rohendel Adventure on Tome Rank Completion
  • 50% Shushire Adventure on Tome Rank Completion
  • 80% Punika Supreme Adventure on Tome Completion

Quest > +27 Skills Score

Players can achieve all the missions of Vern regions up to Shushire. It represents that 1st three quests will provide nine additional scores and be completed automatically. Moreover, you can utilize a crucial Power-pass of Feiton that will acquire all these missions up to Feiton. Thus, you get 8 successful quests out of nine with 24 additional scores without any investment.

  • East Luterra – Light cast on the Dark Field
  • Anikka – Eggs on the sky
  • Shushire – Hidden Robber
  • Serenity Isle – Stone of Power
  • Rohendel – The Sunset
  • 7 Days Minimum – Return trip- Rohendel
  • Feiton – Buried in Dark Ground
  • 4 Days Minimum – Last Melody of a Requiem
  • 5 Days Minimum – Eternal Love

Una’s Tank > +3 Skills Score

Players must need to complete Yorn before going through this zone. Now they can gain these scores by completing Wispering Islet – 10 Days.

Collection > +36 Skills Score

  • Island Token x20
  • Giant’s Heart x4
  • Giant’s Heart x6
  • Giant’s Heart x10
  • Giant’s Heart x12
  • Ignea Token x8
  • Omnium Stars

Purpose of Lost Ark Skill Calculator

Meanwhile, the Skills system in Lost Ark allows you to alter and augment your characters’ skills during battle. You can add your preferred Play-stars and Play-styles. Moreover, you can upgrade your players’ skills and adjust them according to your targeted game content. 

Hence, these battle skill characters are designed for you, but to gain them, you need to improve your ranks in gameplay. You can learn the benefits of the whole skills system in your game content. Skills tripods are luckily affecting your combat ranks even in non-western regions. These effects might alter damage, range, element, cooldown, activation modes, and crowd control. These skills are unlimited, and you can complete analyses of your position. 

Skills calculation based on your bosses, such as single-character or crowd damage. With these characters also include super Armor and cluster controls. The game is initiated from Tier 1 to go further for Tier 3. You must upgrade your abilities and skills. 

When you level up your tiers to 55-60, the game offers six skills points on the single upgrade in level. For 10% damage, you can boost your skills rank to 11 at level 55. By steady promotion of ranks and with more 5% damage, you can gain the 12th rank level at level 60. 

The skills calculator collected a total of 348 skills scores to rank 50. The scorecard is enhanced with 55 levels and attains a maximum score of 378. Your skills score will be increased to 408 scores at level 60. Thus, you have to gain all these character skills to enjoy the Lost Ark skills collection.   

Divisions in Skill System

BreakPointsSkill Combinations
2523x Lv. 4 Skill- 5x Lv. 10 Skills
2611x Lv. 7 Skill – 5x Lv. 10 Skills
2702x Lv. 4 Skills – 5x Lv. 10 Skills – 1x Lv. 7 Skill
2822x Lv. 7 Skills – 5x Lv. 10 Skills
2852x Lv. 7 Skills – 5x Lv. 10 Skills – 1x Lv. 4 Skill
2886x Lv. 10 Skills
2972x Lv. 4 Skills – 6x Lv. 10 Skills
3121x Lv. 4 Skill – 1x Lv. 7 Skill – 6x Lv. 10 Skills
3302x Lv. 7 Skill – 6x Lv. 10 Skills
3367x Lv. 10 Skills
3421x Lv. 4 Skill – 7x Lv. 10 Skills 
3481x Lv. 4 Skill – 6x Lv. 11 Skills – 1x Lv. 7 Skill
3841x Lv. 7 Skill – 6x Lv. 12 Skills – 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3848x Lv. 10 Skills

You have 3 tiers for each skill. There are 3 stages in the first 2 Tiers and two ranks in 3T. Well, when you are preceding your game and move up. You have to unlock three important levels that will rank in the first, second, and 3rd tiers, respectively. You have four Skill Scores in Skill Rank 4 and 20 Skill Scores in the 7th ranking level. Moreover, the 10th level brings 48 Skill Scores set for you.  

Your skills promote your ranking when you gain the ranks of 4, 7, and 10. You will see different skills score like 270, 285, 288,297, and many others. For example, players have gained 288 skill scores, and it’s the breakpoint where the 6x Tier 3 Tripods allocate them. 

Although, you will enjoy the next double milestones at 312 and 330 Skill scores. These scores can achieve as you’ve performed some best upgrades in the battle game and have good utility skills. 

There is quite a difference at some breakpoints; the 336-342 scores difference is awkward. It is reported that most players have lost their skills and other abilities at 336. We have verified the reason for this breakpoint: users are concentrated on 7x 3T Tripods. Various other game genres have lost due to increased distance at these scores. 

With the boost in ranking skills, there are some checkpoints to oversee your gameplay. Once the target of 55 and 60 levels have been achieved, you must be conscious about inserting your scores. It’s due to the fact that now your skills points may cause damage to your ranks immediately. Thus, you attain your 11 levels, and your skills upgrade starts. All perfect combinations of skills and breakpoints are enlisted:

Best Combat characters can accomplish skills scores. Instead, you have gained a significant portion of skills till rank 60. Now additional 96 skills scores will be achieved by specific skills and activities. These activities include Collectibles, Quests, Adventure Tomes, and Towers to acquire the excellent skills portion. Top gamers can reach the 408 Skills Scores.

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Acquiring the top ranks is the best approach to upgrading your character’s performance. You can improve your skills according to the required level and invest cost in attaining the highest skills. You can obtain quick and easy scores from quest sources. Acquiring your target through proper time management and skills scores would be best.

Meanwhile, it would help if you minded that you have more damaged outputs with more Skill Scores. You have to face challenging levels for top ranks; thus, analyzing your DPS is compulsory. Hence, our skills calculator is based on an efficient schedule that is upgraded daily. Fortunately, our developers are concerned about active work and more calculations about Skills Scoring in Lost Ark.

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