The Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator

The lost ark ability stone calculator is the most appropriate option to help players when they want to craft their stones. While using a lost arc ability calculator will guide you on a path and calculate the percentage of further faceting. If you’re going to get the most from the lost ark ability, you should play around with it before using it.¬†

About Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator

Always try the calculator on different random stones and see which option will work well. The facet nodes can be used for various benefits, and you can find them from the lost ark faceting menu. The nodes should be filled so you can apply for the resulting bonus and use it for specific engravings.

Let’s take an example: 

if you get a cursed doll, it will be plus 4, and later you faceted it once it will become plus 5. But if the player doesn’t facet the node, it will remain empty. 

Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator

If you ever have faceted a gem in real life, then you should know that the process of faceting works similarly. Dicing part of the stones is unnecessary, so you can easily make them fit in your rings. However, it would be best to be careful at the usage time as they can carry adverse side effects, including decreasing the ability to score.

What Will Happen If You Facet A Node In The Faceting Menu?

It is optional to alter various attributes of your engravings, which includes faceting the ability stones in the lost ark. You can obtain different effects from faceting, including reduction of move speed or defense. Make sure to follow specific rules to get the maximum from the attempts.

What you have to do first is learn the mechanism of ability stones. You will be provided an ability stone cutter which will work similarly to the real-life gem cutter. 

These cutters will be used to enhance the appearance of these ability stones. Hence you can change the shape and effects of that stone. Many useless parts on the stone use different tools to get rid of them. However, it can enhance the impact of your ability stone but can also decrease the ability or lower the ability score.

Choose A Node To Facet Your Ability Stones:

One of the essential parts of the game is choosing a node through which you can facet your ability stones. However, an ability stone calculator increases the chance of getting desired buffs while faceting ability stones.

Try to get nodes with five or more five-node points to get the highest chance to engrave ability stones. However, in case of getting less than five node points, it will leave you with negative engravings. So make sure to get positive engravings having at least more than 3 node points.

Plus points of using the ability stone calculator:

In the lost ark, ability stones are said to be one of the crucial parts of the equipment. It would be best if you reached a certain level to get these ability stones through the loot. By bringing these ability stones, you can improve the ability of your lost ark characters. This process is called faceting in the NA and UE versions of the game.

By using the ability stone calculator you can quickly and accurately facet all your stones. While using the calculator, you will know how many nodes you will need to enhance your rarity. 

Also, this calculator will let you know how many slots are occupied already. Furthermore, you can use this ability stone calculator to classify each of your ability stones according to their rarity and the number of nodes it has.

How to get skill stones in the lost ark?

If you want to aspect the skill stones in the misplaced ark you should go to the skill stone cutter NPC first. All around the world of misplaced arks, you can find these NPCs dispersed in reasonably good quality. 

On the map or higher NP’s head, search for the Turquoise crystal NPC to search for skill stones. You can start the aspect course for skill stones when you finally get those NPCs. Make sure to work with NPC to aspect skill stones as you want.

Here is the aspect course of skill stones: 

  • You will get two optimistic engravings and one destructive engraving in each skill stone. And these engravings are a particular talent supplied by your stones.
  • Every engraving has different slots, depending on the rarity of skill stones.
  • There is a hammer icon which is basically an addition to the engraving.
  •  Click on engravings to fill a slot; it will now price silver; its quantity will depend on rarity.
  • After getting optimistic engravings, there is the possibility of success, and when you get destructive engravings, there is a probability of cracking.
  •   After the optimistic engravings if the slot turns shiny blue or it turns shiny pink after destructive engraving it will decrease the probability.
  • The probability will increase if the slot turns grey after optimism or destruction.
  •  When you think that the probability is excessive on the first optimistic engraving.
  •  Check the probability if it’s both 45% and 55% then you have to hit the second optimistic engraving.
  • The destructive engravings hit the hammers when you notice that the probability is going down from 50%.
  • Follow a few of the above instances, and you will surely get a good skill stone having good engravings.

And that’s all you have to learn to become an expert in finding skill stones in the lost ark. As you see it is not that difficult. But a few RNGs may be concerned about it. However, there will be examples of those places where your skill stones will have the worst possibilities. 

These possibilities can’t be used, and you can’t even trade them after faceting. But you can dismantle those skill stones to get the energy of thrill. You can use it for creating extra skill stones and recycle all the unhealthy stones you have to make those worst possibilities advantageous.

Facet a node to get a node bonus:

While using the ability, choosing the right node to facet your ability stones is crucial. However, faceting is a random process, but it will still be helpful to get an engraving bonus. On the facet ability stone menu, you can see your current chance of success. 

Keep the number of your successful facets higher this will increase the likelihood of getting positive effects. If the percentage gets lower, it will worsen your results.

While faceting ability stones, remember that the third-line effects are always adverse. A failed facet will always reduce your ability resulting in defense or will move your speed. Always make critical strategic decisions for your character’s success while choosing the right node to facet, AS the correct order of faceting nodes will give you the key always to get desired effects.


In short, the lost ark ability stone calculator is helpful in many ways. But most importantly, it is used to decide how you will craft your skill stones. The process resembles how you facet a gem in the real world. You can use the faceting method to enhance the way of your stone to enhance your skills. This was all about ability and skill stones and their calculator. 

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