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Want the best Lost Ark Engraving Planner with a spreadsheet? Here is the tool for you to help you achieve your goal. Optimize your Lost Ark character’s Engravings with our Engraving Planner. Our online tool helps players experiment with different Engraving combinations and see their character’s stats and bonuses in real time. Make informed decisions and elevate your gameplay with our user-friendly Engraving Planner. Read now and take your character to the next level in Lost Ark!

Earring 1

Earring 2

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Ability Stone

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Engraving Results:

Select the engravings first!


  1. Must Select Atleast 1 Value engraving to Run this;
  2. Press “Calculate”;
  3. Reset Engraving points and selections with “Reset Button”
Lost Ark Engraving Planner tool website sheet

Lost Ark is a fantastic MMORPG game. Everyone knows that engravings are most important in the game to increase strength and power. Besides everything, dealing with a character’s power and strength is not a piece of cake because of the availability of several engravings. The beginners and other players also spend several hours understanding the usage of engravings. No doubt, it’s an uncertain situation.

Lost Ark Engraving Calculator Spreadsheet

What if you get a tool that allows you to plan the engravings? I’m not joking, as the Lost Ark Engraving Planner is there for you. The most interesting tool in the Lost Ark RPG game allows the players to check and make plans for the engravings. It’s the best tool, and almost all players can take advantage of it.

This short guide will depict all the details of the Lost Ark engraving planner, its usage, advantages, and other details. Let’s explore!

Engraving Planner: Description

Simple, it’s a tool or programmed feature that helps users to check the engravings. It’s a customized tool to manage, track, and optimize engraving usage according to your requirements. Everyone wants engraving that creates more damage, and now the engraving planner can assist you with this purpose.

Recall that engravings are special items in Lost Ark to boost the strength and character’s ability. What if you get a chance to pre-plan the damage you can create for enemies? Yeah! It’s exciting, and that’s what an engraving planner provides.

Another benefit is that it makes overall selection easier, and you can optimize the characters. It’s an opportunity for the newbie players to check, view, reset, examine the stats, and save the most damaging engravings for themselves. I recommend you try this best tool once. You will surely love it because it unveils the character’s potential, keeping you ahead of your enemies.

How To Use Lost Ark Engraving Planner Effectively: Step-by-step Guide?

Did you decide to use this amazing tool but are curious about the procedure? Don’t worry! It’s a specialized tool developed according to the user’s intentions. It’s pretty easy to use and has a few basic options. Let’s have a look at the detailed procedure for using an engraving planner:

  • Step 1: Open the Lost Ark game and go to the “Engravings” menu. You can access it from the Character’s menu; otherwise, right-click on the desired engraving (that you want to equip).
  • Step 2: After that, select the engraving and click the “Engraving Planner” button.
  • Step 3: Review your choice because several engraving items have different stat boosts, elemental resistance, and skill boosts.
  • Step 4: Now select the engraving, and the engraving planner will automatically show the stats and other details.
  • Step 5: Select the different engraving and preview the overall stats to know how it will affect your success in Lost Ark. Note Down the stars and know what is best for your success in Lost Ark.
  • Step 6: Select one or more engravings and click the “Save plan” option. The tools allow you to save several engraving plans according to the levels. It helps switch among the levels easily and quickly with a click.
  • Step 7: Click the “Apply Plan” button at the end. Congrats! You can now get the benefit from your savings plan for engravings.

Important: Keep in mind that an Engraving Planner is just a tool. It’s developed to help players pre-check the damage, strength, and other parameters. The results might be different from the original. The original 100% performance is tested by applying the engravings and playing the game.

Advantages of Engravings Planner

If you still need clarification about this fantastic tool, I have mentioned the major advantages in the following. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Optimization of Engravings: The first and most important benefit is that the planner enables the user to optimize the characters easily. You can test the character’s ability by applying different engravings and optimizing according to your requirements.
  • Time-saving: Time is very important, and players don’t want to spend several hours playing and testing the engravings. Therefore, the planner gives you a precise estimate of the character’s strength, damage, and skill after using your desired engraving. Yes, it’s extremely time-saving and boosts your efficiency
  • Easy to use: As mentioned earlier, it’s developed for all users. Therefore, the functionality is super easy; the interface is user-friendly, and even a newbie can use it without any issues.
  • Effective: The tools precisely tell whether the engraving is helpful for you or not. This way, you can eliminate the wastage of the engraving stones. Therefore, it always gives you effective suggestions for your success in the game.

In short, it’s an effective engraving optimization tool to increase your character’s potential and skills precisely.


Is it compulsory to use an engraving planner?

No, it’s not mandatory to use but only made for the help of players. It helps guesswork the character’s strength after applying a certain engraving.

Is the engraving planner paid to use?

No, it’s made for the help of players and open-source. It’s free to use for everyone without any limits.

What engravings are available in the engraving planner?

There are numerous engravings available in the planner for the players. The most commonly used engravings are Skill Boosts, Stat Boosts, Elemental Resistances, and more.


In summary, the engraving planner Lost Ark is a very helpful tool for everyone. You must keep track of the performance of the engraving before diving deep into the challenging levels. It’s especially helpful for beginners who strive to perform better but need more time playing the game. So, don’t think much! Use the planner, select the engraving, track the further stats, and ace the game.

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