Lost Ark Upgrade Calculator

The users have a tool, Lost Ark Upgrade Calculator, which calculates the upgraded levels of your gear equipment. It has unique properties of enhancement levels, mainly on the upper and mid-sub-tier in T3. 

Generally, when users gain the successful levels (from +1 to +25), their lower stage gains to +5 items with a successful level. However, in mid-materials, they can initiate their upgrading journey from +7 and have +5 powerful ranks for every upgraded enhancement. Their journey to the final destination remains consistent till they reach +16th rank; now, they gain +15 materials ranks for every upgrade.  

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Thus, it would help if you had more costs when you move to the next tier or sub-tier level and upgrade your weapons beyond +15. Hence, you can mitigate it while proceeding, particularly Armor over weapons. It represents that these are more expensive and require more cost to upgrade. 

Sometimes, users think they can move to the next challenging stage without investing in the materials. Remember that your Battle Power would be weaker without upgrading your material and other weapons. It will affect the entire content you are playing and want to achieve. 

How to upgrade the Lost Ark?

Do the users have specific guidance for upgrading their Lost Ark. What is the best option to upgrade your gear materials by making more Gold? You have various raids, chaos, dungeons, and other things. So you can achieve more grades within a month or a couple of months, mainly 1415 or 1430. 

Therefore, suppose players are looking for a 1415 grade. They can gain quickly and cheaply by upgrading their content to as:

  • Helmet +17
  • Top +8
  • Gloves +17
  • Bottoms +8
  • Weapon +11
  • Shoulders +17

In some conditions, this method of upgrading is more reliable than another person who is raising all materials to +15. You can configure it as; in+11 weapon, ~18,370 is organized verses in +15 weapon, ~18,200. This strategy is acceptable and working in the tier3 Mid stage. 

Upgrading Journey from Tier 1-3

Tier 1; Level 0-250

When you achieve your rank of 50 and gear must be at 250. It will represent the end of this tier stage. After it, you must focus on the high ranks until you achieve your desired 1375 grade. You have to be focused on these things; Islands, instances, and quests. 

Tier 2; Level 250-302

You have to fulfill the main quest, the Shushire quest. For gaining the set of 302 gear, the Shushire quest and Chaos Dungeon are necessary. You have to go with the same dungeon until your full set is prepared. This phase is quite fast, about five minutes for each run in play. So you can gain this level quickly.

Tier 3; Level 302-460

You can keep in touch with more things that allow you to learn about honing, stats, Chaos Dungeons, Islands, engravings, Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons, and their awards with main quests.

Best Parking Spots for Gear Up-gradation


This grade shows the progress of your main project. 1415 is the great rank to be achieved, and park the Alts as you have collected various stuff and materials. In case your broad project is of a higher rank or 1460. Now you have the option of P3 Argos, and you may choose the normal and Valtan levels. This 1415 option is the best and most unique pick for you. 

Either you don’t have the choice of Oreha’s hard or doing at 1415. You don’t have 2100 rear hard gold. More, it will go to be blocked out, and you don’t have to worry about this loss. Luckily you still have achieved the P3 Argos without Gold. You can enjoy the normal and valtan and start your goal achievement. The plentiful option of placing your rank is at 1415 for your ease of building materials. 


Once you have moved from 1415, you can now obtain P3 Argos valtan. So along with Argos, you can go for Vykas normal rank at this grade 1430. It is another best rank for successful up-gradation.

This place is unique for users as full of easy approaches for upgrading, such as you can collect your weapons and related items from Vykas normal and valtan normal. Therefore, it is the finest stage for crafting your sets.

The major issue in the 1430 grade is that honing buff comes at the strong-hold state until 1415. So you are the owner of all the past things of the battle of 1415. It is best enough for you that you are honing your character.

Lost Ark Upgrade Calculator

Therefore, users need to upgrade their required Armor material to what they want to elevate their gear. Well, you have a legendary armor, “1340”, if you are going to choose it at Tier3 1303 armor. It will go to 1370 armors, which will lead you to reach the +15 grade. Hence, you are interested in getting 1340 materials and putting your position at +6, and it’s exposing that you will occupy the grade at 1370.

This rank is more legendary than all others in this genre. Now, it will go down to +6, as you are targeting to gain your grade to 1415, that’s possible at +15. This rank can assist you in achieving your targeted 1415 armor by providing all five ranks per successful grade. So with the enhancement of grades, you can gain all the high ranks with low money and get at +15.

As you are skilled and upgrading your items of gear, honing frequently. It goes from +1 – +15 ranks. You can also move for more grades after boosting your grades and cost to your +25 level. You are proficient in calculating your honing by Lost Ark Upgrade Calculator and guaranteed that you can win your target. 

REF: https://maxroll.gg/lost-ark/upgrade-calculator

How to use Ref: https://twinfinite.net/2023/02/how-to-use-lost-ark-honing-calculator/

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