Where to get class engravings Lost Ask?

Class engravings in Lost Ark can only be obtained through completing specific quests that are related to your character’s class. These quests are often referred to as “Class Advancement Quests” or “Class Mastery Quests.”

To obtain class engravings in Lost Ark, you will need to complete these quests, which are different for each class. Typically, the quests will become available at certain levels, and completing them will grant you various rewards, including class engravings.

To find out which quests you need to complete to obtain class engravings for your character’s class, you can check the Lost Ark Wiki or ask for help in the game’s community. Here are some general tips that can help you obtain class engravings:

  1. Focus on completing Class Advancement Quests: These quests will typically reward you with class engravings upon completion. Be sure to check the rewards for each quest before you start it.
  2. Complete all available quests: Completing all quests available to your character can help you gain experience, items, and currency that you can use to purchase engravings or other useful items.
  3. Participate in Dungeons and Raids: Some dungeons and raids offer class engravings as rewards. Be sure to check the rewards for each dungeon and raid to see if they offer any engravings you need.
  4. Trade with other players: If you have duplicates of class engravings you don’t need, you can trade them with other players for ones you do need.

Remember that obtaining class engravings can be a bit of a grind, so be patient and persistent in your efforts. With some effort and dedication, you will eventually get the class engravings you need to enhance your character’s abilities.

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