Where to get rare class engravings Lost Ask?

In Lost Ark, rare class engravings can be obtained from various sources, such as:

  1. Dungeons: Rare class engravings can drop as loot from boss monsters in higher level dungeons. You can check the dungeon’s loot table to see if the engraving you want has a chance to drop.
  2. Raids: Raids are more difficult than dungeons and require a group of players to complete. Raids have a higher chance of dropping rare class engravings compared to dungeons.
  3. Crafting: Some rare class engravings can be crafted using materials obtained from dungeons, raids, or other sources. Check with the crafting NPC to see what materials are needed and the crafting requirements.
  4. Auction House: Rare class engravings can be bought and sold on the in-game auction house. You can search for the specific engraving you want and see if it’s available for purchase.
  5. Events: Occasionally, the game will have events that reward players with rare class engravings. Keep an eye on the in-game notices and announcements for upcoming events.

Note that rare class engravings are, as the name suggests, rare, so they may require some effort to obtain. Also, the methods for obtaining them may vary depending on the specific engraving you’re looking for.

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